Saturday, December 19, 2015

Australia's "Stoner Sloth" Anti-Marijuana PSA is the Best Thing You Will See All Day (Video)

I didn't think anti-drug PSA's could get any funnier or less effective than the Nancy Reagan-era fried egg "this is your brain on drugs," or that ad of the same time period where a kid tells a supposed drug dealer "I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey!" thereby putting the drug dealer in his place.

But it's 2015, and Australia has proven me wrong by bringing its Land Down Under A-game to the gateway drug. By all accounts, "Stoner Sloth" is real, with the Huffington Post calling it "peak anti-marijuana absurdity." It's also a bit of false advertising, because its tagline is "You're Worse on Weed." For a lot of people I know, that's a total lie. Frankly, lots of people I know are much, MUCH better on weed.

Fair warning: this PSA is funnier stoned (or so I'm told). But stoned or not, you need to watch it on YouTube in all it's glory to fully appreciate that Australia is trying to keep kids from taking the pot by suggesting that ripping a few tubes to deal with your parents at dinner renders you unable to use a salt shaker. 

This is two minutes of your life you'll never get back, but you will thank me for it anyway. 

After you watch this, you will undoubtedly have many, many questions. And one of them will probably be why Australia didn't choose a less adorable indigenous mammal--like maybe a platypus--to be the wasted mascot for this anti-weed campaign?

Because I kind of feel like this PSA has literally the EXACT opposite effect it's supposed to have, and that every single person who sees it will IMMEDIATELY want to load a bowl with a fistful of dank kind buds.

Nice work, Oz. Next up: Meth Koala and Coke Kangaroo.

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