Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Adele Calls Her Ex in Rural Alaska

Adele: Hello, it’s me.
Ex: Hello?
Adele: Hello? Can you hear me?
Ex: Sort of.
Adele: I’m in Californ—
Ex: Are you calling from Outside?
Adele: I’m sorry—
Ex: No, I’m sorry.
Adele: How are y—
Ex: How are y—
Adele: Oh I’m sorry. You go.
Ex: No you go.
Adele: No you go.
Ex: Wait. No you.
Adele: Ugh. Hello? Hello?
Ex: This is awkward and you’re breaking up.
Adele: That’s what I was calling to say. That I’m sorry for breaking--
Ex: Wait, I didn’t catch that.
Adele: Catch what?
Ex: Wait. Sorry. Go ahead.
Adele: I was just saying I’m sorry for breaking your heart. Hello? Hello?
Ex: Sorry . . . I missed that.
Adele: At least I can say that I tried, I must have called a thous—
Ex: Did you say you tried?
Adele: Wait. What? Hello?
Ex: Hello? I’m confus—
Adele: Hello?
Ex: Forget it. Send me an email.


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