Saturday, December 5, 2015

"I Thought He Was Dead Already"

Needless to say, that's not how most people would want others to greet their demise. 

Yet that's what two different people I know said--independently--when I informed them of the sudden death of Scott Weiland, 48 year-old frontman for the 90's more-nasal-sounding-than-Pearl-Jam grunge band Stone Temple Pilots.

(And I feeeeeel, that time's a ways to go so where ya goin' for tomorrrrowwww...and I feeeeeeel it)

If you're a 48 year-old rockstar and people think you're dead but you're not, it can only mean one or both of two things: (1) you're a huge fuckup whom everyone assumes has already died of a drug overdose; and/or (2) you're completely irrelevant.


Just when I thought I'd dreamed up every depressing scenario imaginable, my friends and the late, great Scott Weiland introduced me to a new one: 

Dropping dead before your time and having people respond with: "I thought he was dead already."

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