Saturday, January 20, 2018

2018 Alaska Social Justice Group Therapy in Photos

A morning well-spent.

Geoff at home pre-march.

William H. Seward, Wokified.

Isaac on "The Bear." He was a little bit bored by democracy, not gonna lie.

Being welcomed onto THEIR land.

Selfie with conservative blogger, Suzanne Downing. We rarely agree on stuff, but we are both women bloggers who are passionate and unafraid, and that transcends everything today.

The theme was “Positively Powerful.”


The future is female.

Great crowd turned out on pretty short notice.

A Nasty Woman (and a good friend) and her pup.

Jocelyn Miles might have the sickest set of pipes in the entire state of Alaska (photo credit: Trish Turner-Custard).

My fellow Juneau ReSISTER, speaker, good friend, and last year's D.C. March-travel motivator Kerri Willoughby.

Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott always has inspiring word to share.

This might be my favorite picture of all time. Check out the side-eye on little Pax!

Mama/daughter resistance duo. Love these two.

I was honored to address the rally by telling a family story about overcoming a fear of speaking out for what you believe and how we are living in a human rights moment--NOT a "political" moment.

More great signage . . .

Marching down Main Street. (Photo credit: Jorden Nigro)

Post-march coffee shop chat with tireless ally Aaron Brakel.

Boys of the future.


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