Thursday, December 18, 2014

"I'm Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, We're Going to Have to Return to theGate."

"The hula girl bobble head doll on the dashboard is bobbling a little off kilter."

"The lightbulb over the sink in the aft lavatory that's supposed to be on is off, and the bulb that's supposed to be off is on."

"First class is out of warm nuts and we need food services to provide a refill."

"The mechanic left his wrench under the starboard wing and needs to take a ferry back to the Tarmac to retrieve it."

"Our paperwork is missing a page and has a typo in the load balance column."

"We have a passenger who forgot his labradoodle's chew toy in the boarding area."

"We need to spray 18 more gallons of de-icer on the wings."

"Several passengers slept through the safety lecture and need a refresher course."

"The crew is over its legal hours and needs to go sleep at the Travel Lodge for awhile."

"Someone failed to switch to airplane mode and will be met by security."

"We've got a mechanical."

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