Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sexy Brave Window Washer Man Cheats Death in Four Story Fall!

I told you they were brave! 

I was pretty horrified when I read in the Juneau Empire that a window washer fell four stories off a building in downtown Juneau this morning. For I knew with a sinking fear that it could be only one of several Sexy Brave Window Washer Men (SBWWM) from Capital City Windows, who have been the subject of this, this, and this O.H.M. blog post commending the SBWWM for their S and B, if not their WW.

And because of my no fewer than three blog posts about SBWWM, I became Facebook friends with several of them. So I now have the pleasure of getting the jump on the Empire in reporting that our fallen hero--one Brick Engstrom, a.k.a. SBWWM 2.0--APPEARS TO BE OKAY!!!

Brick had the presence of mind to post to Facebook from the hospital as follows: "Can't believe it's already in the news. I just got to the hospital." And his dad--the original SBWWM who started it all--posted that SBWWM 2.0 was getting a CAT scan on his left ankle!

Thank the Gods of sexiness, bravery, and window washing. Best wishes to SBWWM 2.0 for a speedy recovery!

The photo that CCFR posted on its Facebook page, saying the department was on Franklin Street responding to a call about a window washer who fell four stories off the Marine View Center apartment building onto a glass awning on South Franklin Street.  Capital City Fire/Rescue Photo
Photo: Capital City Fire and Rescue

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