Monday, October 17, 2016

This Gorilla Knows the Whole Thing is Rigged

This is Nadiri, a female gorilla at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. I probably spent about 30 minutes staring at her and her baby, Yola, through the glass enclosure of her habitat yesterday.

Yola was moving too fast for me to get any good photos, but she was cute AF and looked remarkably like a human toddler, jumping over her mom and grabbing everything she could get her little gorilla hands and feet on. 

Like most moms of toddlers, Nadiri looked exhausted and in desperate need of a drink. Also like most moms, the look on Nadiri's face was devoid of fucks, but oddly beset with the profound knowledge that the whole thing is rigged. 

What thing, you ask? Well, everything. It's all rigged. All of it. Absolutely and completely rigged.

You look at Nadiri, and you can just tell she knows the jig is up, the deck is stacked, the dice are loaded, and the fix is in. I mean, she's in a glass cage in fucking Seattle, instead of in the wild jungles of the Belgian Congo where she belongs, because humans. I personally witnessed one of her fellow zoo denizens, a giraffe, eating right off a spruce tree for fuck's sake!
Humans have rigged the whole goddamn enchilada against gorillas, with their poaching and deforestation and generalized destruction of everything around them. But of course, they've also rigged it against themselves. 

Nadiri doesn't know who Donald Trump is, but she knows he's really just the same as every other human: he doesn't take kindly to negative feedback, he's making himself go extinct, he deserves to go extinct, he's going to take as much of the world down with him as possible, and all of us will deserve it for not being able to stop him.

Forget "the election is rigged." The whole fucking thing is rigged. And if any sentient being knows it, it's Nadiri.

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