Friday, October 7, 2016

Surprise, Surprise, Ladies! Donald Trump Wants to Grab You by the Pussy!


don't know quite how Soylent Orange will bloviate his way out of this one, but some choice words just emerged on video/audio from the Rabid Orangutan's very own blowhole that you all need to hear. 

Listen up bitches, 'cause in addition to grabbing you "by the pussy" he might try to "fuck you" without even waiting to see if you're into it. Just don't come back for more with those "big phony tits" later on, m'kay? 

Can't wait to share this with my almost 9 year-old daughter. I'll just look into her hopeful little face on our way to skating lessons or Lego robotics or something and let her know the future leader of her country wants to grab her by the pussy someday whether she likes it or not! I'll have to explain a few things first, but I'm sure she'll understand.

This "locker room banter"--as this class act and would-be leader of the Free World called it--somehow isn't landing well with Trump-supporting members of Congress who are--GASP!!!!--suddenly shocked and outraged by their sinking ship's all-too erect mast. 

Personally, I think this merits a new limerick:

Now Trump wants to come for your tits?
He's said some REMARKABLE shit!
He'll grab your vagina
But won't trade with China
This country deserves what it gets.

This seems like a new low, alas
It's crude and it's terribly crass
Just don't ask how low
Trump can possibly go
He'd climb a ladder to kiss a snake's ass.

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