Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sexy Brave Window Washer Man is the New CDATPOS

Early adopters of O.H.M. will recall Cute Dude at the Post Office Store (a.k.a. CDATPOS) and the interactive, multimedia, weeks-long serial feature he spawned here. 

But when not providing critical eye candy for locals and tourists alike as well as inspiration for my blog, CDATPOS--it might surprise you to learn--is actually a real human being (and now friend) with better things to do with his time than be conscripted into my blogging shenanigans.

Not so for SBWWM, or Sexy Brave Window Washer Man, who someone clearly sent to my office today as an afternoon pick-me-up! After staring at him through the glass for awhile like an aquarium visitor, I promptly took to social media in what would ultimately prove a vain attempt to locate the generous Juneauite who had him delivered. As of this writing, no one has fessed up.

Now I know what you're thinking. SBWWM isn't some sort of chaste male stripper-gram! He's WORKING. Why? Because he is also a real human being with an actual job, namely to clean a seven story office building's windows. He also has a name, which, because it's Juneau, took me precisely three minutes after sharing his pic to deduce.

Despite the title of this post, there will never be another CDATPOS, if for no other reason than the rest of my family doesn't find my blogosphere-based performance art nearly as funny and amusing as I do. Go figure! So it's not fair to them, CDATPOS, SBWWM, or O.H.M. fans to suggest otherwise. 

That being said, a visit from SBWWM can sure get you out of that 3:00 p.m. slump. Next time you want to have something more original than flowers delivered to someone's desk, SBWWM is your go-to choice for that special someone!

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