Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Okay, Now This is Getting Ridonks: ANOTHER SBWWM Arrived on the INSIDE of My Office!

Last week, I expressed my deep and undying gratitude to my fans for sending me Sexy Brave Window Washer Man, and then, as if that were not enough, Sexy Brave Window Washer Man 2.0, both of whom washed the outside of my office windows (but sadly not the outside of my body in the shower) in an obvious gesture of good will initiated by my readership.

Well, someone out there must know I'm having a bad morning, because look what just showed up INSIDE my office! SBWWM THREE-POINT-OH! This is the iPhone 7 of SBWWMs, the mother of all SBWWMs. 

I mean . . . the bandanna, the sunglasses, the scruff, and the washboard rock solid abs. He is like a living, breathing, window-washing Jax Teller, minus the leather jacket, motorcycle, and (presumably) pending RICO charges. Truly the impure thoughts he is provoking would make Jenna Jameson blush.

Again, some have suggested that this is simply a contract job for routine facilities maintenance in my office building, but I find it just a BIT coincidental that literally every man who washes windows in Juneau could easily have his own beefcake pinup calendar sponsored by Chip N' Dales.

I had to take a surreptitious picture of SBWWM 3.0 so as not to appear psychotic, but this cannot go unremarked upon and he simply must be shared with the world. 

Finally, a playful take on the bikini car wash for aging wannabe MILFS! So again, thank you guyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeez!!!! 

SBWWM 3.0 just made my day!

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