Thursday, June 16, 2016

Too Little, Too Late?

The internet is falling all over itself with props for Utah's Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox, who in the wake of the Pulse attack in Orlando, spoke at a vigil in Salt Lake City where he apologized for his past attitude toward LGBTQ people. 

He talked about how he grew up in a small rural town, and treated gay kids badly because he was religious and sheltered, and now his heart has changed. When you read his speech, you'll see that it's humble, moving, and well-written. Honestly, it's a good speech with the right tone and message, as it should be.

But is it enough? Not by a long shot. What it is in my opinion is too little, too late; and you can color me a big, bright rainbow of not impressed.

I sort of feel like this guy is saying, "I used to be kind of a terrible person, and now I'm less of one," and we're all somehow supposed to applaud that now.

Sorry, but no.

It's nice that we now have one less homophobe in the world. But doling out proverbial cookies and milk to a politician who gives lip service to equality after a tragedy is a rather thin reed to lean on, especially when you consider the fact that its attitudes like his that were a major contributing factor to the type of homophobic hate that clearly motivated the Pulse attack in the first place.

And that's something Spencer Cox conveniently seems to omit. 

So by all means, let's give him the benefit of the doubt and take him at his word. Let's be happy that this guy has had a long hard chat with himself or Jesus or God or whoever he needs to talk to. But let's not forget that its attitudes like his that in his case were--and in too many cases still are--responsible for the deaths of 49 people and thousands of other LGBTQ people whom society demonizes and abuses for what by all objective measures amounts to NO FUCKING REASON AT ALL other than its own bullshit hangups.

You can blame Obama, you can blame ISIS, you can blame mental illness, you can blame Congress and the NRA. But don't close that goodie bag of blame before you pass out a handful to guys like Spencer Cox.

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