Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Vote Proves Having British Accent Not Necessarily Proof of Intelligence

Brexit has rocked the European continent, upending the EU in a shocking wave of populist isolationism that scholars and journalists are calling the biggest upheaval in the west since the Second World War.

But one less-discussed consequence of Brexit is the dismantling of the theory, which until yesterday was all but gospel in the Americas and on television, that having a British accent automatically makes you a genius.

"This is perhaps the greatest unspoken--if you'll forgive the pun--consequence of Brexit," said Anne Smith, a political scientist and linguist at Oxford.

"Up until yesterday, it was axiomatic that saying 'Cheerio!' as a greeting (versus a breakfast order) and pronouncing 'can't' as 'cahn't' automatically bestowed on the speaker 50 additional IQ points. Now that's all been called into question."

Somewhere in Oklahoma, a white dude in a "Make America Great Again" Donald Trump baseball hat could be heard whooping and hollering, "YEEEEEHAW!" at the top of his lungs and through a belch.

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