Friday, June 17, 2016

5 Tips for Making Your Foot Selfie Dope This Summer

There's no selfie more crucial than the summer foot selfie. After brunch selfies and the classic "duck lips," a well-executed summer foot selfie is KEY to any girl's selfie game. 

Here are 5 tips for making your foot selfie fuckin' DIZOPE this summer:

1. Try a filter: If at first you don't succeed, filter, filter, filter. Try a subtle B&W or maybe a vintage sepia tone to avoid the harsh glare of reality from making your feet look like the hideous blocks of calloused fungus they probably are.

2. It's all about the kicks: Summertime means one thing, and one thing ONLY. Cute sandals! Up your foot selfie game by donning the most on-trend sandals of the season that will make all your friends go, "daaaayuuuuum, where'd she get those ADORBS kicks?!"

3. Background is key: Obvs, the ideal selfie is barefoot with a good pedicure at a tropical beach. If you can't afford that, go to CVS, buy some Wet n' Wild, paint your toenails, and head on over to the photo department at Sears. Ask for the "Bahamas" background and get 10% off by telling them O.H.M. sent you! (For real though, that shit is tight).

4. No grossness: If you have bunions, corns, warts, athlete's foot, or any other foot nastiness, resolve those issues before you take a foot selfie. Instagram wants and needs to see your feet, not all the nasty shit that's wrong with them.

5. Crop, crop, crop!: Don't forget to crop out your calf and thigh fat before you put your foot selfie on blast. Flexing your feet for the 'gram does NOT mean it's okay to show the world your cankles. It's called a foot selfie, not a cankle selfie. Come on now.

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