Friday, June 10, 2016

This Wasn't in My Birth Plan: By the Moose Who Gave Birth in a Lowe's Parking Lot in Anchorage

So it's been a couple weeks since McKenna was born (OMG, drama much?!) and I'm finally getting a minute to recuperate and update my fellow Moose Mommies.

First thing's first: McKenna, Matt, and I are all healthy and doing well. Matt had a few other females he impregnated who also gave birth recently (under less dramatic circumstances I assume), and is already in rut again. You know how it is: bulls will be bulls! So I'm not really sure where he is right now, but I have no doubt he sends his love.

Anyway, thank you all SO much for all your grunts, snorts, wails, and deliveries of terrestrial and aquatic vegetation! McKenna is FINALLY sleeping a few hours a night, and she's nursing like a champ.

Now to the thing you're all probably wondering about: what was it like to
give birth in the parking lot of an Anchorage Lowe's hardware store with like, ALL of the shoppers looking on with their smart phones and uploading video to social media in real time? I mean, CRAZY, right?!

All I can say is this obviously was NOT in my birth plan, but at least maybe now Lowe's will give me a discount on plants in the garden section for all the free publicity, GOL! (Grunt Out Loud).

My birth plan was to have a forest-water birth in Westchester Lagoon with another sow assisting as my moula, but McKenna clearly had other ideas. Matt was on a Bulls trip grazing on the other side of our habitat range when I went into labor, and my moula was just to the north of that, eating some antler velvet for protein. So having no choice, I basically just had to squat behind a tree and drop my calf.

She was walking within a couple hours (as they do) but we were both SUPER tired and just kind of had to pop a squat in front of this Jeep, which was when all the crowds started to gather around us. It wasn't long before my entire labor and birth went super mega-vi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the internet!

Fortunately, one of the spectators had the good sense to set up a perimeter of orange plastic cones around me and Macks, since at least SOME humans here in Alaska know it's dumb to approach a moose, especially a sow with a newborn calf, lest they get violently kicked in their own "moose knuckles," so to speak.

Here's a pic of me and little Macks right after she was born. I'm looking to join a Mommy Moose and Calf foraging group, so if you hear of anything, just message me.

Thanks guys!

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