Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day Drinking is Underrated

I do my very best and most prodigious drinking when my parents are in town. Not necessarily because they drive me crazy, but because they are assiduous adherents to cocktail hour; and it's no fun to bail on my parents' daily cocktail hour. 

Especially when cocktail hour happens at noon on a Saturday. 

I almost forgot how underrated day drinking is, until just now when I had a big, strong gin and tonic for lunch. I don't usually get to have G&Ts for lunch, because during the week I have a job called working, and on the weekends I have a job called parenting. 

Both of which, sadly, vastly interefere with my day drinking.

My parents are visiting though, which means two things: (1) there will inevitably be more drinking than usual; and (2) I can drink a G&T for lunch and they will go into the cul de sac and play soccer with my kids while I pass the eff out for several hours to sleep it off.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am by no means an alcoholic. But nor am I afraid to admit how much I truly, madly, and deeply love a good weekend day drunk completely devoid of responsibilities.

Hashtag blessed, Hashtag grateful, Hashtag grandparents-enabled-day-drinking.

G'nite world.

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