Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pop Quiz!

What is this object?

(a) An applicator for auto lube and/or caulk.

(b) An applicator for Monistat 7 yeast infection gunk.

(c) A turkey baster.

(d) A turkey baster that doubles as an implement for artificial insemination in the off-season (i.e. not Thanksgiving and Christmas).

(e) A booger/ear wax remover.

(f) The most important part of a DIY enema kit.

(g) A needle for a serious junkie.

(h) A scary, unrealistic dildo.

(i) A pump to make balloon animals at a child's birthday party.

If you guessed (i), you're correct! I enjoyed using this the other day to make the only balloon "animal" I know how: a crown with a giant dick and balls coming off the front. 

All hail The Queen!

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