Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Going Deaf is Totally a Thing Now"

This is literally what a friend just said to me--without a shred of irony--as if deafness were the new fedora, skinny jeans, or waxed moustache for hipsters.

We were standing in our kitchen while Geoff was cooking our family's Sunday night go-to: an original dish he made up called "Chicks With Dicks." (Recipe: chicken, sausage, and peppers over bow tie pasta with a drizzle of extra virgin o.o.).

I guess the grunge and hip hop generation is finally coming of age. I mean, in addition to tinnitus, I can't think of a single physical exercise scenario that doesn't involve putting ice on a non-erogenous zone these days (e.g. "man's knee" after a game of pick-up basketball).

I'm just glad I went to so many arena rock concerts and loud music clubs in the East Village when I was a teenager. I was WAY too cool for ear plugs then. I wanted to be at the front of every mosh pit with a Parliament Light hanging out of the corner of my mouth and zero in the way of ear protection.

So now I'm happy to say that I totally set myself up for middle-aged coolness! Thank God for Fugazzi and Sound Garden!

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