Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Gift Suggestion

I'm taking a break from my budding career as a hip-hop mommy blogger to make a holiday gift recommendation to my loyal readers.

The former owner of our house got the "Blue Press" gun catalog, fetish porn, and sundry Nazi-esque propaganda delivered straight to his (now our) mailbox. More than seven years later, I'm happy to report that we continue to receive this literature, and boy is it convenient. ESPECIALLY this time of year.

Fellas: for that lady in your life, consider this petite, glamorous handgun
this holiday season. Can't you just picture kissing your number one side-piece under the "missile" toe as she gracefully handles her very OWN side-piece while clad in a skintight dress and blue toenail polish? 

This handgun-for-her makes an EXCELLENT companion to the Blue Steel Chinese throwing star stocking stuffer, which fits nicely in the camouflage stocking emblazoned with a charming swastika! 

Make this Christmas the one where you cuddle up by the fire with some
sizzling hot and sexy rapid-fire firearms. Don't wait! Get yours while supplies last!


  1. Seven years and they're still sending you catalogs? Are you sure Geoff isn't placing some orders?

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