Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hide and Seek

It's the oldest game in the book, and also one of the funnest. Who doesn't love hide and seek? It nails that sweet spot at the intersection of good, clean fun and fear: that place many of us spend the rest of our lives trying to get to.

Sometimes when I play hide and seek with my kids, I go into the garage and climb into the back of our car. Although (or perhaps because) my car is a shit hole on wheels (see prior post titled: "My Car is a Shit Hole on Wheels"), it makes a great hiding place.

It has everything I need: scraps of food; a water bottle; a flashlight; a blanket; jumper cables; warm clothes; Hello Kitty pencils; dead balloons; even a few soggy books. In other words, it's right where I want to be when the shit goes down.

You never know when that moment will come: it might be in the middle of a game of hide and seek! You could be separated from humanity and need your emergency zombie kit to rescue survivors and reunite with loved ones. Plus, if the zombies are winning and you ain't goin' out like that, you could always turn on the ignition and choose death by carbon monoxide poisoning instead.

That's why I always hide in my car during a game of hide and seek. You know, just to play it safe. Oh ... and also ... it takes my kids fucking FOREVER to find me.

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