Saturday, November 22, 2014

Every Pot Has a Cover

Except if you live in my house. Then every pot, pan, and lid looks like the clusterfuck you see here. And not a SINGLE pot has a cover, or at least not one that fits. 

Not only that, but not ONE Tupperware, Corningware, glass Pyrex, Rubbermaid, or off-brand storage system seems to have survived my ability to systematically destroy its reason for being by throwing all of the pieces together in a giant, useless mish-mash. Then I do my part to kill the planet by using Saran Wrap and aluminum foil to replace the lids I can't find anymore. 

And whatever you do: don't leave a pot or pan here after a potluck. There's nothing lucky about your favorite spring form cheese cake pan being forever sucked into this gyre. I don't even know what a spring form pan is or does, much less where it wound up after it visited my sink as a guest a few weeks ago.

All of this is great for domestic harmony, too. Lots of yelling ensues when various users cannot find a matching pot and lid, and people trying to watch cartoons or read a book or otherwise hear themselves think do not enjoy the loud banging around and cursing that accompanies daily navigation of this cabinet.

I think I maybe need like an anti-Pintetest website to post photos and stories of all of my copious domestic and other life fails ... Oh wait a minute ...

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