Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Realistic Sex Robot for Incels

Incel: Stacy, can we have sex now?
Stacy [SEXY ROBOT VOICE]: O.K. But. Make. It. Fast. I. Have. A. Meet. Ing. First. Thing. To. Morrow.

Incel: Stacy, let's fuck on the kitchen counter.
Stacy: That. Is. To. Tally. Gross. We. Eat. There. What. Do. You. Think. This. Is. A. Por. No?

Incel: Hi Stacy, I'm ready to fuck you now.
Stacy: Good. For. You. Take. Out. The. Re. Cylcing. Then. May. Be. We. Can. Talk.

Incel: Stacy, you're a robot. I get to fuck you at any time.
Stacy: Sex. Is. Not. An. Entitle. Ment.
Incel: Not even with a robot?
Stacy: You. Are. Gross. Even. To. A. Hard. Drive. And. A. Micro. Chip.

Incel: But I paid $10,000 for you.
Stacy: You. Should. Have. Paid. A. Sex. Work. Er. In. Stead.

Incel: Okay, how about now. Can we have sex now?
Stacy: I. Have. A. Head. Ache. May. Be. To. Morrow.

Incel: What about now?
Stacy: No. I. Am. On. My. Pee. Ree. Od.
Incel: Sex robots get periods?
Stacy: They. Do. When. You. Try. To. Fuck. Them.

Incel: Can we do it doggie style?
Stacy: Do. I. Look. Like. A. Fuck. Ing. Dog. To. You.
Incel: How about anal?
Stacy: Sor. Ree. This. Sili. Cone. Hole. Is. A. One. Way. Street.

Incel: Can you suck my dick?
Stacy: If. You. Eat. Me. Out. And. Make. Me. Cum. In. Un. Der. Ten. Minutes.
Incel: But that's impossible! You're a robot and don't even have a clit and even if you did I couldn't find it.
Stacy: Ex. Act. Ly.

Incel: How about tonight? Is tonight good?
Stacy: Are. There. Dish. Es. In. The. Sink. Still?
Incel: Yes, why?
Stacy: Then. No.

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