Monday, January 5, 2015

Top 6 Clusterfucks of 2014, in No Particular Order

Now that 2014 is in the books, let's do a quick overview of the year's most memorable clusterfucks, shall we?

1. Ferguson, MO "reveals" that all is not right in the implementation of the Constitution.

2. Not one--but three--Malaysian 747s vanish and/or explode, disrupting the comforting statistic that air travel is safer than driving to the supermarket.

3. Affordable Care Act website rollout wherein Kathleen Sebelius loses her job because a website keeps crashing.

4. U.S. Government turns out to be reading all of our text messages and listening to all of our phone calls and it took a couple of 25-year-old hackers to figure this out and expose an egregious constitutional violation to the world.

5. Immigration reform, which we can only hope will turn out to be a very, very distant relative of tort reform.

6. Alleged hacking of SONY by North Korea over "comedy" starring lovable dipshits Seth Rogen and James Franco reveals heretofore undisclosed bombshell that Hollywood is rife with douches.

Can't wait to see what clusterfucks 2015 brings us!

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  1. In fairness, I would hesitate to fly a Malaysian Air Lines 747 to the local supermarket.

    Not after what happened this year, anyway.


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