Friday, January 2, 2015

Feats of Human Engineering

Stonehenge. The Great Pyramids of Egypt. The Brooklyn Bridge. The Duomo. The Taj Majal. All of them pale--PALE--in comparison to the feat of human engineering and triumph of ingenuity that is ...


Blood, sweat, and tears were shed over the course of hundreds of years to build this masterpiece of architecture. And by "blood, sweat, and tears," I mean tears. And by "hundreds of years," I mean two weeks. And by "masterpiece of architecture," I mean gazillion-piece LEGO set Christmas present for ages 7-12.

Still. The ceremonial clicking into place of the last tiny hot dog in the food cart at the Heartlake Shopping Mall; the placement of the last headlight on the convertible car that the little LEGO people use to get to the Heartlake Shopping Mall; and the positioning of the towel turban on the head of the little LEGO girl at the Heartlake Shopping Mall nail salon and spa were truly magnificent.

This landmark of civilization is being registered on the country's list of historic places and I hear the Mars Rover has photographed it from space. It will be preserved for generations to come! And by "generations to come," I mean two more weeks.

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