Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reinforcing Bonds

There are these random nature documentaries on Netflix that I've been really into lately. It's a British show called "Wildest," and it's a series of in-depth profiles of wildlife in various parts of the world.

The narrator has this mellifluous British accent. He keeps talking about "P-Yoo-mas," and "Jag-yoo-ahrs" "stahwking" the jungles of South America, and he describes everything in meters and degrees Celsius. Therefore, he automatically sounds like a genius and puts me to sleep.

He also narrates the behaviors of various reptiles, birds, and mammals. In particular, he loves to describe all the things these animals do to "reinforce their bonds," like pick fleas out of each other's fur and chase each other in circles and peck each other in the head and shit like that. Seriously, he must use the phrase "reinforce their bonds" at least five times per episode.

I have noticed that this is also sort of what everyone (very cheesily) tells you to do with your spouse or partner all the time: "Take some time for yourselves! Have a date night! Make yourselves a priority!"

Barf. It's kind of like New Year's Eve to me. You can't really "schedule" fun, or at least I can't. When I do, I end up staring blankly and silently at my husband (whom I otherwise never stop talking to) for a few hours like a shell-shocked refugee from the zombie apocalypse, and then go home and hand the babysitter a wad of cash.

In short, that is because by the time I contemplate all the logistics of scheduled fun, I'm too tired to have any. So the only formally scheduled date I want these days is with the couch and a jar of Nutella.

Plus, I'm way more into unplanned, spontaneous fun. Like when there's an unexpected infestation of fleas, for example. Or when you really feel the urge to run around in a circle and peck the other person in the head for awhile.

Now that's reinforcing bonds.

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