Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Critical Questions of the Day

This is so easy, it's actually sad. I have just discovered what I think must become another recurring feature on O.H.M. 

Now presenting ... Critical Questions of the Day, as gathered from today’s finest news sources. Stories like this are proof positive that there is a mass conspiracy underway. The corporate-government-agro-industrial-politico-media complex clearly wants to satiate the masses like the mindless sheep we are, and make us all forget how shitty the world is. 

I barely had to skim the homepage of each of these sites for these gems. This is too fucking easy! The jokes write themselves.

From People Magazine
  • Did Lea Michele Chop Her Hair Into a Bob?
  • Jessica Chastain and Her Ever-Changing Hair Length: Which Are You Loving?
  • Is Anne Hatahway Secret Twins With Amal Clooney?
  • Will American Sniper Chris Kyle’s Family Have to Pay Jesse Ventura $1.3 Million?
From Slate
  • Will the Patriots Be Disqualified From the Super Bowl?
  • Can I Go to a Bar Alone Without Being a Creep?
  • Can You Find the German Snipers and Experts in Camouflage Hiding in These Photos?
  • When Did We Start Asking Every Celebrity, “Are You a Feminist?”
  • Why Do So Few Lawyers Bring So Many of the Supreme Court Cases?
From The Huffington Post
  • Like Eating Salad? We Have Some Bad News for You
  • Exploding Kittens?!
  • Are You Really Happy?
From The New York Times
  • Can Capitalists Save Capitalism?
  • Was Joni Ernst’s State of the Union Rebuttal Conciliatory, or Just More of the Same?
From The New Yorker
  • What’s Behind the Rise of the “Fast-Casual” Restaurant?
  • What Does Obama Think He’s Won?
From CNN
  • How Should NFL Punish the Patriots?
  • O.J. Simpson Trial: Where Are they Now?
  • Who Wore it Better? Michelle Obama or “The Good Wife?”
  • Can Office Dogs Reduce Stress?
  • Can You Predict the Oscar Winners?
  • Which YouTube Stars Will Interview Obama?
  • What’s The #1 Hotel in NYC?
  • Oldest Gospel Found in a Mummy Mask?

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