Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Picture That Defies the Laws of Probability

Look closely at this picture. Keep looking. What do you notice?

Could it be that not a single one of the many, many, socks pictured here matches the other? Well, your eyes do not deceive you. No two of these socks are the same.

There are certain things about parenthood that seem to defy the laws of probability, physics, and statistics: How Isaac puts his boots on the wrong feet every single time. How the more plastic garbage I get rid of, the more our house fills up with plastic garbage. How Paige and I have diametrically opposed ideas about the wisdom of everything, from putting $50 worth of living flowers onto a cake; to starting a day care in our basement; to coloring in all of our fingernails and toenails with magenta magic markers.

It seems statistically improbable that out of the approximately thirty socks pictured here, not a single one would match, doesn't it? I mean, it's not as though I just dumped out all of our family's socks and threw them into a pile here for a photo shoot. 

What you need to understand is that these socks came right out of the dryer, presumably after being worn (as pairs) and placed into a hamper and then into the washing machine.

So how is it that so many pairs of dirty socks went into the laundry, and only miscellaneous, mismatched individual socks emerged?

Like so many other things about domesticity, it's just one more frustrating, disorienting, and nonsensical mystery that the world may never solve...

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