Sunday, March 25, 2018

Can Anyone Help Get a Bunny Stoned?

That’s the $64,000 question. 

One day a few months back, Isaac came home from school to report that someone had brought in homemade Kombucha. 

It was probably one of the 150,000 or so kids named after a Greek deity, a constellation, a mountain, or a plant,” I thought to myself. Regardless, it was a decidedly “Juneau Gonna Juneau” moment, and so too is this Craigslist ad from several years ago.

Someone is trying to find their elderly bunny a weed hookup! 


11 seems very old for a rabbit (she says without Googling), but I’m kind of impressed with the care his owner is providing looking out for his old bunny’s basic needs: food, water, and the dank nugs.

Because celery and carrots won’t cut it for THIS rodent! This fuzzy little guy wants the stickie ickies. The skunk. The dope. The chronic. The greens. DA TCHREES FAH YAH MIND! 

I mean, I get it!

I’d be pissed too if I was a California stoner bunny and my supply suddenly dried up after my owner stuffed me in a cage and transported me from my nice sunny garden to a cold, wet, rainforest.

Someone? Anyone? C’mon, Juneau. Hook a rodent up.

UPDATE: A few “rodent elites” have commented that a rabbit is not a rodent. I fucking told y’all I didn’t Google that shit. Full stop!

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