Saturday, February 10, 2018

One Fist, Two Fist, Black Fist, Blue Fist

One fist
Two fist
Black fist
Blue fist

Tight fist
Closed fist
Left Fist
Right Fist

This one was a rising star
This one drives a fancy car
Say, what a lot
Of cops there are!

Some are old 
And some are new
Some are lies 
But most are true
Where is all THAT process due?

Some dudes are sad 
And some are mad
And some are very, very bad.
Why are they sad and bad and mad?
You’ll have to ask 
Their moms and dads.

Some are thin
And some are fat
Some shoot guns 
And some wield bats

From there to here 
From here to there
These violent men
Are everywhere!

Here are some 
Who like to run
They run for office
And they spend a ton!

Oh me oh my
Oh me oh my
All these wives 
With blackened eyes!

Some have two victims
Some have four
Some have six
And some have more

Where do they come from?
I can't say
But they get away with it
Every day!

Some are high 
And some are sober
They're all exactly like each other
You’re warned about them
By your mother

Look at his court file
One, two, three
How many protective orders
Do I see?

One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven,
Eight, nine, ten,
He has eleven!

This is nothing new
Here come the "reputation" defenders
Right on cue!

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