Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Shit is Going Down and Here is What I Refuse to Do While it Happens

Do you care about America? Do you consider yourself a patriot? 

I do. 

My paternal grandfather was a World War II veteran. My maternal grandfather went to jail for union organizing. I practice constitutional law. I know what the constitution says, what it means, and how fragile it really is.

At this point, it's pretty clear that President Trump was elected with the help of a hostile foreign power in order to diminish America's global stature in the world and turn the American people on each other, and it has worked.

The law enforcement entities that are investigating these crimes--and the judges who have issued warrants--are, by and large, either Republicans or appointed by Republicans. So for Fox News to paint this as a political conspiracy against the incumbent administration is laughable propaganda.

This is civic rot from the inside out and our constitutional democracy is in grave peril.

It's also clear that Congress won’t do a single thing about it. Why? At least in part because Citizens United let corporations buy Congress, which means that Putin owns Trump, corporations own Congress, and guess who's left holding the bag?

We the people.

We must keep voicing this, or we will never reclaim our democracy. If we don't use our time and our voices to take to the streets—literally and figuratively—over what is effectively a hostile takeover of our democracy fueled by foreign propaganda, none of this matters, and we can flush the Great American Experiment down the drain.

There are no winners here except for corporate interests (including social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook that can’t or won’t curb playbook propaganda), oligarchs like Trump, his cronies, the one percent of earners, and their indebted elected officials.

2016 was an inside job.

Middle America and its $1.50 per paycheck raise are not "WINNING.” (Even Paul Ryan had to delete that tweet). Kids getting gunned down in school aren't winning. Coal miners waiting for jobs that don't exist aren't winning. Teachers and doctors being deported by ICE aren't winning. Women and people of color, our planet, and the teachings of Jesus Christ are definitely not winning. 

Let me say this as plainly as I can: EVERY ordinary American is losing BIGLY from this attack on our democracy.

So here is what I won't do: I will not participate in "divide and conquer" by turning on Trump supporters and wasting time arguing with them on the internet or anywhere else, no matter how much they insult me or how many mean names they call me.

As far as I’m concerned--and I've said this before--WE ARE ALL EQUALLY SCREWED AND WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. 

Divide and conquer only serves to conscript us all as unwitting foot soldiers in the slow, insidious takeover of our constitutional democracy, which includes our free press. In fact, that takeover DEPENDS on Americans cannibalizing each other so that the only people left standing are crooks and liars.

I refuse to do their work for them.

There is value in repeating this. There is value in fighting it. There is value in voting. There is value in running for office. There is value in protesting. There is value in writing and making art. There is value in peaceful agitating. 

There is ZERO value in arguing about whether it is happening. It is happening. And there is no value in trying to convince our fellow Americans otherwise.

It's time to quit wasting time.


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