Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Don Young Thinks a Good Jew With an AR-15 Would Have Stopped the Holocaust, Apparently?

Ah, good old Don Young.

To some, Alaska’s lone Congressman and Dean of the House is a colorful state treasure who tells it like it is and represents the last vestige of the Good Old Days When America Was Great.

Those raucous, heady days of Big Oil pipeline construction when men (REAL men, by the way—not these libtard Beta PC snowflake cucks who think they’re a man one day and a woman the next) hopped in their Chevy pickup and hauled ass up the AlCan from parts unknown with nothing but the plaid shirt on their backs, their Daddy’s .22, and a fifth of cheap whisky to build a cabin in the woods outside Fairbanks and find themselves a Good Woman.

To others, though, Don Young is a misbegotten artifact of a not-quite-bygone-enough time when men who “spoke their mind” often spoke it to the detriment of everyone but other men who shared their narrow vision of manhood, which of course has at its bilious core murder of one sort or another.

So it’s no surprise that Don Young, a board member of America’s wealthiest, bloodiest gunrunning lobby and the second most NRA-funded member of Congress—will genuflect before his corporate overlords at every turn.

What IS surprising—even for a swashbuckling, bloviating old coot who’s done everything from blame suicide on food stamps to brag about almost cutting a colleague’s throat at work—is that Fossil Don is now invoking the Holocaust to save the NRA money.

Per APRN reporter Liz Ruskin, at a speech delivered right here in my very own hometown of Juneau, Don Young “argued against gun control by suggesting Jews might not have died in the Holocaust if they had been armed.” 

“How many Jews were put in the ovens because they were unarmed?” he asked rhetorically (I guess).

The answer is zero, thanks for asking!

I’m probably the last generation of American Jews who grew up with the specter of the Holocaust--knowing family members who either were interned or died in the Holocaust; raised to instinctively fear the sound of the German language and the bark of German Shepherds; shunned the consumption of German products or German music. 

I don’t think my kids will live under that same shadow, but still, my first reaction to reading Don Young’s comments was to whisper in his hairy old ear that he needs to get the name of my people’s genocide out of his mouth and find another way to do his employer’s greedy, disingenuous, constitutional-defender-pretender bidding.

The assertion that reasonable restrictions on semi-automatic rifles led to WWII and will lead to a Nazi-esque takeover of America is a favorite canard of 2A wingnuts, but it’s particularly rich coming from the figurehead king of a political party that courts, consorts, and flirts with neo-Nazis on the reg. 

It is also a convenient (albeit preposterous) retort by the corporate gun lobby’s number one bottom bitch to teenagers who are out here in these streets trying to make school shootings a tiny bit less fatal and are getting death threats from NRA “members” for their efforts.

But okay. 

Thomas Jefferson said it’s our God-given right to keep an atom bomb in our basement because tyranny, it took the allied forces and military arsenals of quite literally the entire world to end the Nazis, and yet my relatives had to hide in barns and died in the gas chambers all because they weren’t packing an AR-15 in the Russian shtetl.

To paraphrase some gallows humor from a friend of mine, if only the Nazis didn’t come from broken homes, watch violent video games, and struggle with homosexuality and mental illness, we could have prevented the Holocaust.

Seriously Don. Go fuck yourself.

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