Monday, July 10, 2017

Someone Please Make a Trump/Putin Remix of This My Buddy Doll Ad from 1985

Attention video editing and animation nerds! 

I have the vision, but not the know-how, to script a reboot of that commercial from 1985 for Hasbro/Playskool's My Buddy doll, starring Vladimir Putin as the kid and Trump as the doll. 

For those too young or old to remember, My Buddy was a doll intended to "appeal to little boys and teach them about caring for their friends." The toy was considered controversial at the time, because dolls were for girls, and the wokeness factor on non-binary gender and tolerance for gender nonconformity was zero. 

My Buddy was also the inspiration for the demon doll Chucky in Child's Play, which is quite possibly the most hilarious and classic cult horror movie of all time.

Anyhooooo, My Buddy's TV commercial was straight fire, and you can view it here: 

For whoever takes this project on, I am proposing new lyrics as follows:

Thanks in advance, fam!

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