Friday, July 21, 2017

Good Luck Tone Policing Yours Truly!

Lately, I've been getting a lot of heat about the use of "profanity" on my blog, specifically from people in my parents' generation. 

More specifically, folks who seem to lack any sense of irony about the fact that one of their contemporaries is committing treason in the Oval Office as we speak--grifting us all on the back of an oligarchic economy and decimated planet left behind by their well-cared for generation.

Of course, it's #NotAllBabyBoomers and I won't indulge in the old canard of vilifying past generations. AND NO (because it has to be said I guess?) membership in a particular generation is not the same as race, gender, or sexual/gender identity. 

So I'm not over-generalizing but neither am I inviting a defense of this or any particular generation. 

love my parents and nearly all their friends. Take my mom for example. She will be the first to admit that her generation had it pretty damn good. She was an orphan in foster care, and still has the kind of pension that simply does not exist anymore. And it's a good thing too, because my kids need all the help they can get, and who knows what they'll say about us someday?

I'm not a millennial, and I have worked in one job or another almost every day since I was 17. Yet you will never hear me rank on millennials. So what if they got "participation trophies?" They also got no amazing pensions, no good-paying job without a college degree, a shit economy, and a mountain of student debt. Of course they have to live in their mom's basements.

I recognize this fact, and so do many Baby Boomers, like my parents. You'll never catch my mom getting on my case for cursing, which is where my issue comes in. After all that, you're going to tone-police and-word police me when I try to complain about it?

LOL, as the kids say. I don't think so. 

Not when being told not to curse, is, frankly, the linguistic version of being told to act ladylike, cover up, wear more or less makeup, or smile more. It's about demanding complacency and conformity where the exact opposite of both is warranted.

Can I write beautifully without using a single curse word? Of course I can. I can also wear a J.Crew dress, ballet flats and smile. But that's not me, and that's not what I do here.

And I reject the idea that anyone who tells me not to curse, or how to write, is in ANY FUCKING POSITION TO DO THAT AT ALL.

Y'all are a mess.


  1. As a babyboomer who went to Woodstock, resisted the draft, created a backwoods homestead in Alaska in the early 70s, commercial fished for 20 years, and practiced law for the last 15 years, I welcome the use of profanity, particularly in reference to Trump and all his minions. Keep up the good work.

  2. I can't even understand a word he is saying.

  3. Help me out here; you have mentioned more than once about feedback to your blog but I never see any except a few, now and again, HERE. So I assume it's all on some other venue. Why not link so's we (those of us who refuse those other evil venues) can join in?

  4. Yeah. Fuck them. I'm a 17 year Navy vet, FFS, how did you expect me to express myself?

    I have the following disclaimer on my page: "I use foul language, so if that sort of thing offends you, feel free to fuck off now - if I'm unwilling to clean up my language for my fabulous Great Auntie Margie, I'm unlikely to do so for you."


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