Friday, April 21, 2017

Thoughts on an Evening Walk: A Post in Pictures

Wow, literally both of Isaac's legs together in those jeans is like ONE of my lower legs. God what is wrong with me? Will I never get over my stupid body image issues? What kind of example am I setting for Paige? Ugh. I am so ashamed . . .

Ah, here's a nice view. Gee I wonder when the first cruise ship is coming. Wow, I'm not sure I'm 100% ready for that to happen yet. Hold up. Am I allowed to admit that?

Oh look! A crocus! (I think)? The first sign of spring! Wait should they be putting their faces right there? I'm almost positive there's dog shit somewhere around here. What if they get it in their hair? That's the end of this little perambulation.

Wait WHAT? This exists? Wow. Wow. Wowowowowoowowow. We are even more fucked than I thought.

Um, okay. This is reeeeeaaaaly pushing it. How does a guitar tuning ap think it is possibly going to make a difference for Earth Day by telling people to play "the best environmental songs" for their friends and family? Pete Seeger is dead, I think Joni Mitchell might be in assisted living, and Trump is President. Buckle up, buttercups. Because--and I say this with the utmost love and solidarity--it's gonna be a looooooong, bumpy ride for the "If I Had a Hammer" crowd.

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