Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Five Infinity Scarves that Will Catch Eyes and Also Easily Half Your Lunch

Flirty, fun, fashionable, and often cheap AF, the infinity scarf is the woke female hipster accessory du jour. I know because I've fallen prey to this trend, and I'm not afraid to admit it. 

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that infinity scarves catch eyes but also eaaaaaasily half your lunch. Here are are five fresh infinity scarves to pair perfectly with your next hurried meal!

1. The Salad Spinner: This soft fox-print scarf on Etsy is ideal for catching large crumbles of feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. As a result, it's also perfect for snacking off of two hours later during a teleconference.

2. The Office Potluck:
I think this one is Anthropologie but I forget. Anyway, it's a great look for those office birthday and retirement parties. If there are paper plates, sheet cake, chips and salsa, and stuff in crock pots, this is your look.

3. The Happy Hour: This one is the best for spilling a Cosmopolitan or other fancy cocktail in those shallow, cone-shaped glasses onto. And I mean long before you even have the excuse of a buzz. Why are those glasses so shallow? GAH!
Available at an indy boutique with a fancy tag made from recycled hemp.

4. The Barbeque: You know what looks great with turquoise blue? Maroon BBQ sauce and some bright green relish! Watch out, Kielbasa. This isn't your grandma's infinity scarf. Available at your nearest drug store.

5. The Book Club Pizza:
The only thing that goes better with "All the Light We Cannot See" than this scarf is several slices of peperoni, a few mushrooms and olives, and a dab of pizza sauce. Man, what a combo that is. You can find this by Google image searching "infinity scarf."

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