Sunday, April 23, 2017

Donald Trump Weekend Tweet Translator

Today on Earth Day, we celebrate neutering the EPA by installing a hostile climate change denier at its helm. Enjoy!

Looking forward to a far-right neo-Nazi with a nice blonde bob cut joining me on the long decline of western democracy into hopeless, dystopian global fascism.

Everything I've ever said about this border wall with Mexico is a brazen con on par with that Monorail episode of the Simpsons. SAD!

The border wall is an impractical pipe dream lie that I used to get elected, and that won't do jack shit to "stop drugs" and "very bad hombres" anyway.

All I care about is using my unearned power to distribute goodies to white collar criminals who will make me rich. IDGAF about anything else!

Here come some big tax cuts for the one percent! Let's just pretend I released my tax returns.

I'm the first U. S. president in history to hold rallies for myself while in power, for no other reason than to get high off my own narcissism supply. #Hitler

This tweet sounds like a ransom note. Also, I'm senile and Idk what I'm talking about. Ever. VERY SAD!

My priorities are super well aligned with what America gives a shit about. Mostly Hillary, an election that's over, FAKE NEWS, and my ginormous ego!

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