Sunday, July 2, 2017

Clutter Chic is the Newest Trend in Home Decor

You heard it here first, people.

"Clutter Chic" is the new "it" trend in home decor. It's so new and avant-garde, you probably haven't even heard of it yet. 

That's okay. Don't feel like a loser. No one has! I'm here to save you.

I'm what Malcolm Gladwell calls an "early adopter." I can sniff out the next trend way out ahead of curve. In fact, I bet you didn't know this, but I totally read the Tipping Point before it was cool.

No, like, SERIOUSLY. That's why I'm doing you a favor and introducing you--my loyal readers--early to "Clutter Chic."

Clutter Chic is all about letting go. Letting go of the idea that, at any time in the foreseeable future, you will NOT live amongst your own filth and that of your children, or that you'll ever bother to read Marie Kondo.

It's about owning your truth, and embarking on a deep journey of self actualization. One in which you know you will never care enough to remove a mini-trampoline from your living room. 

Here are some pics I snapped for Pinterest:

Costco boxes make quaint wood stove fuel.

Bob Dylan got shot in the face with a Nerf gun last year. Oh well!

Not exactly sure what's going on here but it's my kids' fault. I'm a terrible mother who lets the inmates run the asylum. Obvs.

This really redefines "open bar." I think someone brought us those mini-bar bottles from their cabin on a cruise ship two years ago.

There's that trampoline I mentioned! Great for doing flips onto the couch we scored off the guy who owned our house before us.

The thing I love about this fridge is its simple, quiet, sleek minimalism.

And finally, a "Let it Be" Beatles poster that's at an off-angle, just to remind you to stay Zen about drowning in busted junk and other useless shit that fails to spark joy.

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  1. Just keeping all those Tupperware lids in case the bottom happens to reappear.......someday.


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