Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Woman on Cell Phone at Airport: Please Tell Me More!

Hello strange woman on your cell phone at the airport! Thanks for taking a moment to sit down next to me and tell me what's on your mind. Well, not me, exactly. I think maybe it's your husband on the other end of the line, but either way, your convo is totes FASCINATING.

That story about the work seminar you just gave? And that guy Matt who was so pleasantly surprised by the staff award (which was James Bond themed because he loves James Bond movies so much)? 

Riveting. Please speak up. I can't hear you.

Tell me again whether Emma got her medicine tonight and whether Johnny is behaving well or just being Johnny again. Also: what time will you be home tonight? Should your husband wait up for you or not? Wait, what's that? Someone sent you a calendar invite but you're busy that day?

Wait wait. Please speak up and whatever you do, do NOT end this call. It's just starting to get good...

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