Friday, February 26, 2016

If You're a Dude & Not Wearing the Brim of Your Baseball Cap Flat You Are Old AF

In these sad, confusing times, there is one thing upon which all the world can agree: If you are a dude who wears your baseball cap with the brim curved instead of flat, you are old as fuck.

I'm not talking about numerical years, necessarily, because plenty of dudes born before 1980 appear to have picked up on this trend. The rest are still holding onto the good old days of the early '90s in which bros would fold the brim of their hat, tie it with a rubber band, and shove it into a glass for 48 hours. You grew up in a time when only your grandpa wore a trucker hat with a flat brim. No more, compadre.

Today, you can tell the holdouts from the people who have moved on. Basically if you're a bro wearing your hat with the brim curved, you might as well be telling the world that you went to the first ever Lollapooza festival, watched every season of Seinfeld, and used Clearly Canadian as a mixer at house parties.

If you're wearing the brim flat, however, you're sending the message that you know what's up. You follow Kanye on Twitter, you went to a "Free Julian Assange" protest, and you smoke weed out of a super high tech electronic device. And whether you are 20 and doing this for real, or 40 and doing it because you wish you were 20, one thing is clear:

You're telling the world a whole helluva lot with your hat brim game.

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