Monday, February 1, 2016

The Flint Water Crisis in Limerick

There once was a fella named Rick
Who was an incontrovertible dick
He tried to save bread
By feeding kids lead
Through pipes that made everyone sick

It started in 2014
When it came to these guys in a dream:
Let’s save $5 million bucks!
And not give any fucks!
About poor folks with poisoned blood streams

Now Governor Synder is SAD
Without hecklers yelling
About his short-selling
Public health and it’s making him mad!

But the water he drinks is delicious
And state workers were somewhat suspicious
They got clean H20
But those Flint kids? Hell no
Their water was rather pernicious

It took 18 months of complaining
And some doctors who did some explaining
Through studies that found
High lead levels abound
In the yellow-brown sludge that was draining

This is all bad enough, you would think
But it gets even worse with the stink
From the powers on high
Who ignored the outcry
And left emails exposing the link

Well now it’s too little too late
And brain-damaged children can’t wait
For corrupt politicians
To finally listen
Once they realize their jobs are at stake

It’s like an old Charles Dickens book
With cruel misers and odious crooks
And the children they’re killing
And a public unwilling
To accept that they’re being forsook

This is the predictable end
Of electing “small government” friends  
Who would tell a whole town
To gulp toxic lead down
As long as it doesn’t hurt them.

Thanks to Flint, Gov. Rick Snyder Can't Even Go Out and Enjoy a Glass of Unpoisoned Water in Peace

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