Thursday, May 11, 2017

Well This Should be Good!

As long as we're witnessing the edifice of American democracy crack (if not crumble) before our very eyes courtesy of our bull-in-a-china shop POTUS and comatose Congress, we might as well get some entertainment out of the bargain. And at least on that front, our carnival barker orange assclown of a president exceeds all expectations. 

Look at this you guys. 

Trump is reportedly "preparing a certified letter attesting that he has no ties to Russia," whatever that means. 

In other words, the most mendacious public figure in American history now wants us to take him at his word that he's not a traitor by "certifying" as much in a letter.

Just for context, let's recap some of Trump's most outrageous and easily refutable lies during his short, ignominious political career:

--Obama's birth place
--Muslim's cheering on 9/11
--The weather at his inauguration
--The crowd size at his inauguration
--Obama wiretapping Trump Tower
--Voter fraud

--That no one at the FBI had confidence in Comey

So now we're to believe that the ONE thing that could finally MAYBE undo his tinfoil-hat kleptocracy of an administration isn't true, because he wrote a letter "certifying" as much.


Maybe I'd believe this, but first the letter would have to be notarized, copied in triplicate, stamped with a wax seal, copy all his lawyers in the cc line, contain all ten of his fingerprints and maybe even his lip prints, and be printed on gold-embossed Mar-a-Lago stationery. Then it would have the true imprimatur of Trump legitimacy.

Here's some good news though. 

The last time Trump wrote a letter, he fired James Comey and relayed the existence of "three" alleged conversations with the ousted FBI director. Constitutional law scholars have observed that in so doing, Trump has waived executive privilege as to those conversations, which means that eventually, a judge could make their contents public.

Donald Trump: his word is his junk bond.

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