Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pity Not the Porcupine

Pity not the porcupine
For he hath ample luck
He waddles past
While munching grass
And gives scarcely a fuck.

His life's a breeze
Up in the trees
His quills a forceful shield
He needn't care for dog nor bear
He dominates his field.

Pity not the porcupine 
His worries they are few
For Donald Trump
Or France 
Or you
He hasn't got the time.

I saw this guy 
And knew it rude
To take his photo
I took my phone and stood alone
And took that risky bet:

O porcupine!, I thought, 
How nice, to think of little more
Than berries, sticks, and mating tricks
While never keeping score

The world can burn
We never learn 
What misery we sow
So pity not the porcupine 
He's smarter than you know.

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