Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This Juneau Craigslist Missed Connection is Clearly Talking About Me!

Finally you guys! A Craigslist missed connection that is actually connecting. There is no possible way this person is NOT talking about me, "a dark-haired beauty with model looks . . . so pretty." It's almost like he has my fingerprints!

I'm pretty sure I was at IGA on the evening of April 20. I know, because I go there all the time when I forget to buy Coconut LaCroix, Bobby pins, Shale spicy cashew nut mix, and grapes. Like the second I walk out of there and drive home I think of something else I needed, so chances are this was me.

The other dead giveaway: "you're young for me." 

OF COURSE I AM, although I don't know how old you are. If you're using Craigslist you've probably known how to use the internet since at least 1999, which means you are old AF. Granted, I am currently in the last five months of my thirties, but unlike my mom who went gray at 26, I still have my natural raven locks and my model looks, so I could easily pass for 38. 

I am likewise healthy and attractive, much like a prize goat. In short, there is no possible way this wasn't me. I am proud to be one of the beautiful Juneau girls that caught your eye today.

One time when I was around 16 and at a gas station in New Jersey with my mom, this guy cat-called me and instead of barfing and telling me how inappropriate this was, my mom just whispered in my ear, "trust me, you'll miss it someday." 

I'm just glad that day has not yet arrived. Thank you, kind sir, for making this missed connection with the only dark-haired, attractive, healthy, beautiful girl with model good looks this could possibly be.


More beautiful Juneau women this week at IGA - m4w (Juneau)

Saw two more beautiful Juneau women earlier this evening at IGA.

One was a sparkling redhead cute as the day is long Oh my...

The other, a dark-haired beauty with model looks.... so pretty

Seeing these healthy attractive women makes Juneau such a nice place to live.

You're young for me so I wouldn't think of telling you how beautiful you are, however I just wanted to let you know you are some of the beautiful Juneau girls that caught my eye today.

April 20
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