Thursday, May 4, 2017

Having a Vagina is a Pre-existing Condition

Congressional toddlers are poised to kick down Obama's tower of blocks because they hate the kid who built it, and a political vendetta is more important than the lives of their constituents.

A lot of folks will suffer under this bill, including--disproportionately it seems--people with vaginas. Indeed, it's safe to say that Trump and his congressional enablers want vagina-havers to drop dead.

Let's review a few of the "pre-existing conditions" under Trump Care:

--Sexual assault
--Domestic violence
--Postpartum depression

And check out the "non-essential" benefits states could opt out of covering:

--Newborn care
--Birth control

Here's the bottom line, folks: if you had the misfortune to be born with a vagina in America, you're basically SOL on healthcare. It's only slightly reductive to say that under this bill, a man can literally beat and rape you out of health care coverage. You're the victim of a crime, and yet Congress is punishing you as though you're the perpetrator.

You get pregnant and nurture the next generation of Americans in and with your body? Well, you definitely can't easily access an abortion, but don't count on help with anything after that. No maternity or newborn care, including breastfeeding or postpartum depression, which is a biological complication of pregnancy.

And that's not even touching on the more "standard" and gender-neutral "pre-existing conditions" like hepatitis, diabetes, asthma, and cancer that will no longer be covered or inadequately covered.

With Trump and Congress acting as their accomplices, insurance companies and the top 1% want to rob us blind and then watch us LITERALLY die in what is effectively a legalized white collar racket.

All the while, they're dancing on our graves: taking selfies, drinking beer, and listening to pump-up music with a ghoulish delight that would make a mafia don blush. Oh, and natch, they had the stones (at least initially) to vote to exempt themselves from the law!

Sound dramatic? I wish.

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  1. The irony here is that paying for an abortion, even when you have to travel to Seattle to get it, is cheaper than paying for pregnancy. I know women who have had abortions because they were uninsured and couldn't afford to pay for childbirth. These are the choices we get from the pro-life party.


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