Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This is Not a Drill

There's an inevitable moment in childhood when you realize that the adults around you have reached the limit of their capacity to help you and care for you. If you're lucky, that moment comes, as it did for me, during an innocuous tenth grade school project. For others, it starts at birth with abuse or neglect.

Now our young democracy has reached that metaphorical moment. 

I don't think it's hyperbole to say that we are facing the gravest constitutional crisis since Watergate. Because everything is now a "gate," and our spineless Congress has become so inextricably entwined with its own naked self interest, we've all become numb to legislative ineptitude. 

Our elected officials are closing ranks as we speak, passively allowing the United States of America to be compromised by a hostile foreign power in an administrative coup enabled by an inept, possibly senile kleptocrat and his goons.

Did Trump have the right to fire Comey? Of course. But Comey was also in the middle of investigating Trump and/or his associates. 

For treason. TREASON.

No more. I am a registered nonpartisan, and this is not "political." We own this government and the Constitution of the United States. We do. Each one of us, and no one else. If we ignore that civic fact, we do so at our peril. 

Experts in autocracy know this. They know that autocrats depend on gaslighting, passivity, and a flagrancy of lies and misconduct to capitalize on the people's stunned powerlessness in the face of the outageous, the shocking, and the unthinkable.

It's time for the adults in this country to fight back and take the wheel. Call and visit your elected officials. Remind them that they work for you, at least in theory if not in practice. Let them know you won't stand idle while Trump and his white collar thugs lay waste to the Great American Experiment.

Do it today, and every day until this is resolved to the satisfaction of the American public. 

This is not a drill.

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