Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The James Comey Firing in Limerick

There once was a bro named James Comey
Who was Donald Trump's #1 Homey
But then he cried treason
And so for that reason
POTUS said why don'tcha blow me?

Yet the timing of this is quite odd
One can only conclude there's a fraud
Now here come the hearings
And media jeerings
And "fake news" and Bannon's goon squad.

The whole thing is shady at best
Our democracy's put to the test
It's kinda like Nixon
With someone a fixin'
To make several dozen arrests.

This nonsense set Twitter ablaze
But the Trumpites seem not to be fazed
By a traitorous fool
And a dictator's tool
With a deep fascist impulse for days.

So now it's America's mission
To investigate growing suspicion
And watch Trump come unglued
As he learns that he's screwed
And becomes an excluded condition. 

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