Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Covfefe is the New Dayenu

If He had never run for Student Council, much less President of the United States, Covfefe!

If He had executed justice upon Jared Kushner, Covfefe!

If He had executed justice upon Michaels Flynn and Cohen, Covfefe!

If He had never changed his last name from “Drumpf,” Covfefe!

If He had given unto us even one iota of sane and productive governance, Covfefe!

If He had tweeted in all caps at 3:00 a.m. a little bit less frequently and alarmingly, Covfefe!

If He had created for us even a single JOB JOB JOB!, Covfefe!

If He was less orange, scowly, and repellent to women and children, Covfefe!

If He had not grabbed anyone's pussy, Covfefe!

If He had dismantled fewer federal agencies, Covfefe!

If He had not enabled and condoned white supremacy, Covfefe!

If He hadn’t humiliated America at home and abroad, Covfefe!

If He had cared less about ratings and more about climate change, Covfefe!

If he had brought us into the land of taco trucks on every corner, Covfefe!

If he never promised to build that stupid wall, Covfefe!

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