Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Upping Scotland's Ante on Creative, Descriptive, and 100% Accurate Nicknames for Donald Trump

After the Brexit vote, Scotland owned the internet with its creative sick burns for the Fascist Cantaloupe currently running for POTUS, after he tweet-celebrated Scotland's decision to leave the EU despite the fact that, um, Scotland actually decided not to do that.

Anyway, leather-faced shit tobogganist, cock-juggling thundercunt, incompressible jizztrumpet, and polyester cockwomble were all pretty awesome, but I am now upping Scotland's ante with a few creative, descriptive, and accurate Trump nicknames of my own. 

  • Burnt sienna howler monkey
  • Bloviating cum bubble
  • Chicklet-grilled bluster muffin
  • Silicone boob-grabbing twitter dingus
  • Tangerine turd burglar
  • Shag carpeted shit wagon
  • Insufferable three-ring flea-circus clown
  • Swaggering, smarmy taint stain
  • Hollowed-out, smug pumpkin husk
  • Bellowing, dried apricot skid mark
  • Earthenware, anthropomorphized port-a-potty
  • Mendacious dollar gobbler
  • Tiny-fingered, oozing grundle sore
  • Bankrupt, jack-booted, chunder-spewing bile duct

Photo: odysseyonline.com

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