Friday, July 29, 2016

How Did We Get Here?

I was on my way to check out a legal Colorado retail marijuana dispensary (to do tourism research for a friend, DUH), when I happened across this strip mall strip club off route something-or-other in Boulder.

I couldn't get a clear shot of the sign (which is why I had to Google image the place instead) but trust me when I tell you it was only this woman's face on a light up sign, the words "bus stop," and nothing else; yet like every other passerby, I instantly knew what it was.

Somehow, we as a society have gotten to the point where all we need are shorthand emojis or pictographs for everything, including a young, white, blonde cheerleader-looking type with her mouth half open, making bedroom eyes with fake eyelashes that look like two performing circus tarantulas are living off her eyeballs, and a fan set up in front of her face to blow her hair just so and BOOM. Stripper!

How did we get here? I will let you ponder that for a moment while I move on to the reviews.

In my continued research of the bus stop, I saw there were 29 (twenty-nine) reviews of this titty bar. Wow! 29 humans had taken precious moments from their fleeting lives to review the Bus Stop strip club in Boulder. 

So naturally, owing a debt of gratitude to my loyal readers, I was forced to read each and every review and cull the two best, which I have reposted in screen shots below. This was NOT a waste of precious moments of my own life, nor, I assure you, will reading them waste yours.

Aside from their dubious grammar, my favorite thing about these reviews is that both authors claim to be discerning patrons of strip clubs around the country, and yet the bus stop fell short? 

I find that very difficult to believe . . .

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  1. Gee, with a name like "The Bus Stop" you'd surely expect a platinum-elite sort of experience.


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