Saturday, July 30, 2016

Boulder Style Memo #2: Men in Shorts and Blazers

What is it about a man in shorts and a blazer that seems to announce to the world in a hearty acapella group baritone: "I'm an irrepressible douchebag who seeks to base every aspect of my life on the bullies from Dead Poets Society and School Ties? (Early Matt Damon and Brendan Frazier fans (R.I.P. his career): you know you feelin' me).

Boulder, I was somewhat surprised to learn, features the "man in shorts and a blazer" in abundance. 

I don't know what it is about this outfit. I'm sure perfectly wonderful people wear pink plaid shorts, boat shoes with no socks, Ray Ban Wayfarers, and navy blue blazers like the model in this Google image I found by searching "Blaine." I just haven't personally met any.

In my own personal experience, the relationship between this particular outfit and the status of its wearer as an irrefutable douche canoe is almost a perfect one-to-one correlation.

Of course there must be some statistical outliers, but something tells me they're not in Boulder.

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  1. You must at least admit that the chap in the pic knows HOW to stand!


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