Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Prediction for Donald Trump's Convention Speech

I was born in hard time Mississippi, surrounded by four walls that weren't so pretty, okay?

My parents gave me love and affection, to keep me strong and moving in the right direction. They were living just enough for the city at that time.

My father worked some days for fourteen hours, and let me tell you: he made billions of dollars, okay? My 
mother had to scrub the floors for many, and you'd best believe she hardly got a penny! Really, she was living just enough, just enough for the city.

My sister's black, okay? I'm the least racist person you've ever met. And boy let me tell you she is sho'nuff pretty. She could have been a Hispanic Miss Universe! Her skirt is short but Lord her legs are sturdy. I would date her. Between her and Ivanka it's a hard choice, but I'm not afraid to say it, I'd date her. 
To find a job in this country anymore is like a haystack needle. But in my world, we steal from colored people, okay?

I've spent my life walking the streets of New York City. Now I'm asking you to vote for the solution. I hope you hear inside my voice of sorrow, and that it motivates you to make a better tomorrow. 

Thank you. 

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